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TransOrg Analytics

Transorg Alden Market
Seasoned data engineers offering end-to-end services, solutions, products and education in data science, ML, AI, RPA and smart data visualization. Our experts work on-cloud and on-premises to solve business problems using R, Python, PySpark, Hadoop & Big Data (incl. structured & unstructured data like PDFs, images, texts, voice).


  • Data engineering
  • Customer, Prescriptive, Marketing & Unstructured data analytics
  • Underwriting, risk and fraud prediction
  • Forecasting and estimating models
  • RPA in document processing / digital financial KYCs
  • AutoML product called ‘Clonizo’

Product Overview

Targeted acquisition, engagement, retention, reactivation, personalization, customer journey analytics, digital analytics (clickstream, cart abandonment), revenue enhancement via cross-sell, up-sell, targeted offers, sentiment analytics,

Spend optimization, funnel & conversion modelling, attribution modelling,
loyalty analytics, hyper-personalization,

  • NLP (natural language processing) for sentiment analytics
  • Image, voice and video analytics
  • Social media listening