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O4S is an enterprise SaaS startup enabling Supply Chain Visibility. Now a team of 60+ supply chain enthusiasts in Gurgaon, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. Our prominent clients include ITC, PepsiCo, Honeywell, and Zydus among others. Using product serialization, our solution delivers higher freshness index of warehouses, better demand estimations, product placement, and elimination of counterfeit products from the supply chain.


  • Real-time Visibility of the inventory – Companies can get a consolidated view of consignments in real-time and in accordance with the geography.
  • Product Movement insights:companies can better manage their warehouses with just-in-time ordering.
  • Inventory Efficiency: At the retailers’ end, tracking would make it easy to initiate and undertake timely returns for unsold or damaged stock items.
  • Consumer Profiling: The tool actively collects consumer data and via advanced analytics deliver actionable business insights.
  • Increased traceability into the movement of goods for higher revenues

Product Overview

This module is the basis of allocating a unique identity to a product, register its multiple layers of Packaging BOM (Bill of Material) and record all product manufacturing details.
is one of the core offerings of O4S It helps businesses track product movement right from Manufacturing facility to Carrying and Forwarding Agents, Distributors, Stockists till it reaches a retailer.
It helps consumers verify their purchased products by scanning our highly secure UID using their mobile phones through a web/mobile-based application Original4Sure.
A Trade Promotion app that engages retailers and influencer by incentivizing them to maximize sales of original products. It restricts any counterfeit sales & ehnances visibility across secondary and tertiary sales .
Powered by technologies such as Machine Learning and the Internet of Things (IoT)