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KredX solves working capital challenges for businesses by utilising an asset lying idle in its balance sheet in the name of accounts receivable. This factor laid the foundation of KredX – India's leading integrated cash flow solutions provider. KredX Early, a corporate treasury solution for corporates to deploy surplus funds to their own suppliers at a discount, KredX Plus, a solution that allows businesses to encash long-term receipts, receivables and long-term agreements, and KredX Lease Rental Discounting, a solution that converts capital expenditure to operational expenditure.



  • Collateral-free Facility.
  • Off-balance Sheet Offering.
  • Digital & Paperless Process.
  • Quick Onboarding Process.
  • Working Capital in 24-72 hrs.

Product Overview

We provide invoice discounting via A) Receivables Discounting: This allows vendors and suppliers to receive payments against their approved invoices upfront as opposed to the traditional 30-90 day period. B) Payables Discounting: We work with large corporations and startups on this model to help make payments to their vendors on their behalf as per the regular credit periods. The corporate / startup can then take up to 90 days more to make payments thereby getting up to 180 day credit periods in the process. The company is backed by marquee private equity firms like Sequoia Capital, Prime Venture Partners, and Tiger Global Management. Through the use of our innovative patent- pending technology, we have been able to assist over 100+ corporates, as well as their 10000+ supply chain partners, thus creating a healthy payables & receivables ecosystem.