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Asia’s & India’s one of the leading 3PL players- 42 Countries, 46 million SFT Warehouse space, 700+
service locations. Kerry Indev Logistics India provides complete seamless logistics chain from end to end covering, Internal Freight, Custom Broking, Haulage, Container Freight Station, Inland Container Depot, Air Freight Station, 3PL Logistics facilities, Free Trade Zone and Trade Services etc.

One-Stop Solution for all your Logistics Requirement


  • Pan India 3PL logistics service- Logistics solutions in Automotive, Fashion & Retail, Electronics, FMCG & Consumer, Pharma & Healthcare, Engineering, Chemicals.
  • Customers include Reckitt Benckiser, Olam, Fresenius Medical, Zeotis, Lenovo, Bluestar, Adani, Decathlon, Samsung, Acer.
  • 1.2 Million SFT Warehousing Space, 0.27 million SFT in FTWZ, 7 nos. ICD/CFS.
  • Services include Contract Logistics, Warehousing, Free Trade Zone, Transportation, Cold Chain Spare Parts Management, Reverse Logistics & Management, Testing and Validation, In-Plant Operations, Stock and Sales, Refurbishment Centre, Value Added Services.

Product Overview

  • Warehousing Services- In-Plant RM, Line Feeding, FG; External Warehouse- Multi-Client Facility, Dedicated Facility (Standalone Warehouse); Reverse Product Storage; Reverse Management Centre (RMC).
  • Primary Domestic Transportation Services- Full Truck Load (PAN INDIA),.
  • Secondary Domestic Transportation Services -Milk-Run (Within Cities), Part Truck Loads (PAN INDIA), Surface Mode & Air Mode, Reverse Logistics.
  • 4 PL Services- Customer Transportation, POD & Transporter Bills Management
  • Value Added Services- Packing, Re-packing, Unit Packing, Bar Code Labelling, Palletization, Stickering, ESD Packing, Scrapping, Line Feeding, Quality Validation, Kitting, Reverse Logistics.
  • WMS Capability- User friendly, Web based ERP, Multi company branch access, Single data entry, Integrated with Finance.
  • Warehouse Security system- Tech enabled strong warehouse security processes.