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Inflection Conference Supply Chain Innovation


Inflection Conference Inflection Conference Inflection Conference
Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation

12th Inflection Conference & Awards(Online)

23rd May,2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) had a profound impact on the Consumer, Pharma and Manufacturing supply chain across the industries in India and worldwide. The pandemic caused major changes in the planning & freight flows. It has also challenged the ability of supply chains to deliver products to businesses and consumers within the needed time frame. This had become an issue for both medical supplies and food deliveries. It will also be a challenge for the manufacturing industries as they open up. At Inflection Conference (Online), top Supply Chain & Logistics Leaders of Consumer, Pharma & Manufacturing Industries will discuss the successful supply chain planning and logistics strategies and the best practices respectively. It will help you transform and build a more agile and cost-effective supply chain & logistics during COVID-19.

Gain Insights on:
  • How the supply chain & logistics teams have successfully responded to this disruption?
  • Understand the best practices for a resilient and cost effective supply chain.
  • How should you plan your supply chain for uncertain demand?
  • Which new supply chain model should be adopted?
  • How to manage the internal stakeholders on the economic impacts of these disruptions?
  • Motivating your employees to deliver more in less.
  • Leveraging local administration to your advantage.
  • How to effectively manage the disruption in the global supply chain- imports & exports?

Supply chain & logistics consumer
How should you plan your supply chain for uncertain demands?
Manufacturing supply chain & logistics
How the supply chain & logistics should prepare to successfully respond to Coronavirus disruption?
Supply chain & logistics
How to effectively manage the disruption in the global supply chain ?

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