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Inflection Conference Inflection Conference

13th Inflection Webinar & Awards

13th June,2020

Theme : Intelligent Financial planning ,Spend & Working capital management in COVID-19 World!

The Coronavirus (‘COVID-19’) outbreak is causing widespread concern across the globe.CFOs have a central role to play during the financial crisis as they directly contributes to the organization’s financial&business health. COVID-19’s has caused biggest crisis in terms of financial stress, spend management, cashflows & asset liquidity.
The unstable and fast-changing economic environment will definitely make the role of CFOs more challenging.Considering the market uncertainty, CFOs are also prompted to proactively engage with the business teams and financial institutions to steer their business successfully through this challenging situation. At Inflection Webinar, strategic finance leaders will share their knowledge, experience and effective business strategy.

Join us at 13th Inflection CFO Innovation Webinar & Awards to gain insights to:
  • Manage cash flows during the crisis.
  • Effective Financial Planning to safeguard business interest.
  • Use best practices to effectively manage spend for minimum impact on bottom line.
  • Recast the revenue plan in the best possible manner to protect stakeholders
  • Relay the business foundation for the new normal.

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