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ORMAE is a fast-growing Operations Research / Analytics Consulting and training firm enable customers to maximize their revenue potential and achieve highly efficient operations. In the last 3 years, ORMAE team of highly skilled OR scientists have helped several multi-nationals optimize their supply chain and logistics operations.

ORMAE Supply Chain Solution

Product Overview

ORMAE’s specializes in developing customized optimization solutions using mathematical models and advanced analytics to solve complex business problems in Supply chain and logistics domain. We have extensive experience in routing optimization, warehouse optimization, Demand Forecasting, and replenishment optimization, procurement and bid selection optimization, workforce and resource optimization, airport ground staff planning and disruption planning. We have served customers across industries including Logistics, Automotive, shipping and transport, retail, healthcare, and call center.


  • 5-10 % savings in operations cost without significant capex or licensing fees. 
  •  Solutions designed subject to all constraints, stemming from govt. regulations, regional or cultural limitations or customer commitments.
  •  Ability to run multiple If-Else scenarios and sensitivity analysis to understand the impact of business decisions and operations processes.
  •  Continuous support and training to help customers achieve maximum operational efficiency.
  • The convenience of continuous updates as per changes in the business model or to accommodate new constraint.