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SHISPY | Alden Marketplace |Logistics and Procurment Solutions
Shipsy is an interactive SaaS based software suite that increases visibility and improve operations logistics using scalable predictive analytics algorithms.  Read More….
Elixia Tech comes with a mission to incubate high-end technological innovations in the field of supply chain. Read More….
Freight Deck is a collaborative logistics TMS platform was initiated in mid-2017 which was co-created along with three of our large manufacturing clients. Read More….
ORAME | Alden marketplace | Supply chain Solutions
ORMAE is a fast-growing Operations Research / Analytics Consulting and training firm whose cutting edge innovative solutions enable customers to maximize their revenue potential and achieve highly efficient operations.   Read More….
We provide best EPM & Analytics solutions to achieve Organisation’s performance goals. Quality Implementation Services offering with Prompt return on investment. Read More….
Mavyn-“Intelligent Trucking Platform Delivering Ontime! “. We specialise in providing best freight rates with reliable services leveraging Artificial Intelligence in pricing & on time delivery prediction. Read More….
KD Logistics | Alden Marketplace | Supply chain solutions
KD Supply Chain Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading end-to-end supply chain management (SCM) solutions provider in India. We offer comprehensive services for warehouse management, integrated logistics, freight forwarding, etc.  Read More….
Express roadways | Alden Marketplace | Logistics Solutions
Express Roadways – India’s one of the fastest growing Logistics Companies is renowned for its domain expertise and experienced employees in the Transportation sector.  Read More….
PDS is a 21 year old Logistics company. Strong business relations with more than 100 satisfied MNCs, who have turnover of $47 bn in India and logistics spend of $1.8 bn . Read More….
Inland World Logistics (IWL, formerly, Inland Road Transport) has been consistently delivering efficient, end-to-end logistics solutions to customers. Read More….
GTROPY( is a renowned brand ventured by a passionate team from the world’s most eminent institutions. We are dedicated to the field of GPS Based Fleet Management Solutions and its exhaustive Data Analytics. Read More….
GreyOrange is a global company that modernizes order fulfillment through Artificial Intelligence-driven software and ranger series robotics built together so they cooperate in deciding on and executing warehouse activities that maximize payoffs and minimize tradeoffs to create the highest yield. Read More….
Inlogsys Techno Pvt. Ltd is an organization founded to provide integrated logistics solutions. The group has set up two manufacturing plants in Bangalore for steel processing and manufacturing storage racking products. We support Supply Chain for industries varying from PAPER to PLANES. We execute projects across India. Read More….
Spectra provides innovative Network as a Service for businesses and connectivity solutions for homes. Read More….

An IT Start-up with the vision to transform Enterprise IT into growth catalyst for their business by enabling novel tools and techniques. Read More….

Alden Marketplace | Dicentral |Supply chain Solutions

DiCentral is a leading global provider of EDI and supply chain solutions headquartered in Houston, Texas, with 11 offices worldwide supporting customers across multiple sectors in over 33 countries.  Read More….

RAC has grown from strength to strength over its more than 28 year- long existence, thru’ Mega Matrix (1988-98), Rent-A-Computer (1998-2008), RAC IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (from 2008 onwards) & RAC Infra Rental LLP (from 2015 onwards). Read More….
KredX solves working capital challenges for businesses by utilising an asset lying idle in its balance sheet in the name of accounts receivable. Read More….
Procol is India’s only mobile-first Procurement Solutions Provider, which digitises and optimises your procurement process allowing you to save on your direct costs. Read More….
Masters India is a GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) appointed by Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN),a Government of India enterprise. Read More….