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Llama Logisol Pvt. Ltd. (Shipsy)

Shipsy Logistics Solutions | Alden Market

Shipsy is an interactive SaaS based software suite that increases visibility and improve operations logistics using scalable predictive analytics algorithms.

Intelligent Freight Procurement, Planning and Execution

Product Overview

Intelligent Freight Procurement

 – Smart reference rates

 – Multiple bidding rounds

 – Wider selection

 – Predictive alerts

Data driven planning:

 – Auto allocation of vendors

 – Route optimization

 – Capacity utilization

Shipment Execution:

 – Auto extration of cut offs with alerts

 – Shipment lifecycle digitization, data automation

 – Predictive detention/demurrage prevention

 – Unified tracking across carriers


 Reduce Costs

  – Freight cost reduction through intelligent procurement 

  – Detention/demmurage and other incidental cost reduction 

  – AI based auto allocation of cost effective vendors

Increase Productivity

  – All stake holders on single platform 

  – No emails/phone calls/excel files with repetitive data entry

  – Less follow ups with intelligent alerts

Enhance Customer Experience

  – Automated intimations of shipment status

  – Predictive ETAs

  – Auto escalations on predicted ETA breac